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Charter Policies

1. Payment: Deposit and/or balance must be paid by due date on the charter contract, or the trip will be cancelled.   A trip is not considered booked until a deposit is received.   There is a minimum deposit of $300 or 20% whichever is greater.  There is a $50 charge for all returned checks.

2.  Cost Adjustment:   The price is based on information provided at the time of contract and may change upon final itinerary submission.  Final itineraries are due no less than Four weeks prior to departure date.  Any additional pick-ups or additional time will alter pricing.

3.  Departure:  Groups are expected to depart in a timely fashion as stated on the contract. Late departures are subject to additional charges and/or alter the time of the trip.  Shopping trips allow for 6 hours of shopping time.  Additional time must be requested and paid in advance.  Departure in leaving will take away from the 6 hours of shopping time. Groups are not responsible for additional time due to traffic or weather conditions.  If, in the opinion of the carrier, conditions make it inadvisable to operate charter service from point of origin, or at any point en route, First Priority will not be liable therefore for additional costs such as meals, lodging, and transportation.

4.  New York day trips:  Shopping trips are permitted only 2 stops in New York City. Day tours have a maximum of 6 hours unless the driver has 8 hours off prior to return from New York or the group pays for a relief driver.

5.  Driver Requests:  In event of request for specific driver and/or bus, First Priority will attempt to honor clients’ wishes.  A request however is NOT a guarantee.

6.  Amenities:   We do not charge for amenities such as DVD/CD players.   Sometimes they may be inoperable.  Should a specific amenity be unavailable or inoperable, First Priority will not be liable for its availability or performance. There will be no refunds because of inoperable DVD/CD players. Our buses are equipped with WiFi that allows you to watch movies directly on your individual cell phones, and/or tablets at your leisure. 

7. Damage to Equipment:  Any damage to equipment (seats, windows, etc.) which is caused by any member of the chartering party shall be the responsibility of the chartering party.  Clients will be charged if extensive cleaning is needed after their trip.

8. Cancellations:  Written cancellations must be received 90 days prior to departure date to ensure any refund that may be due.  There is a $300 non-refundable fee for all cancelled charters. Rescheduled/rebooked charters may be subject to a price change based on the cost of the trip on the date of the rescheduling.  Rescheduled/rebooked charters do not receive any return of deposits or final payments.

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